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Current Research and Record Collections Completed

Internet Searches

Hmmm, like I could ever finish the internet. I'm currently trying to get at least birth dates for everybody.

Online Databases - Saltmarsh's

All the Saltmarsh records from,, and have been entered at one point. I keep pretty current with's new entries.

Vital Records for Saltmarsh's - New Hampshire

Completed: Births prior to 1901, deaths prior to 1942, marriages prior to 1942, divorces 1938-1942.

Town Records & Histories for Saltmarsh's - New Hampshire

I've gone through various major town histories (e.g., Goffstown, Concord, Gilford) available at the New Hampshire State Library. Many still need to be searched, however.

The same library has an index of all the town records in their possesion. I was cautioned however, that the index missies the vast majority of records. I did go thorugh the entire index, though.

Census Records for Saltmarsh's

Records and indices from the LDS Family History Centers,, and This will usually include a soundex search. The 1930 census was limited to a search of all name beginning with "Saltm". The soundex search was just too massive.

1790-1860: All
1870: All except Maryland
1880: All
1890 remnants: All
1900: All but OK, VA, WI, WV
1910: AL, AZ, IA, ID, IL, MI, MO, NV, PA, TX, WY
1920-1930: All


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